About me

“Stretching the boundary between art and craft”

I love working with a variety of media, but textiles hold the greatest fascination for me.  The immense variety of textures and colours, natural or manmade, provides inspiration for endless ideas. I find working with textiles very relaxing, rewarding and essential to my well-being.

The nature of my art requires me to have a ‘stash’. This consists of an extensive collection of new and pre-used textiles ready to turn into future pictures.

I use a variety of machine and hand embroidery techniques to produce my art which I have studied for several years at City & Guilds level, in the Creative Studies Department at South Nottingham College.

I live on the edge of the countryside between Nottingham and Derby, UK and work from my home studio. Having woodlands and arable fields on my doorstep and a wide range of birds visiting my garden gives me and continues to provide me with inspiration for new work. Although….I don’t see many toucans!

Is it art or is it craft? I’ve always referred to it as ‘Textile Art’.