Giclèe prints actually on display!

I have recently accepted a kind invitation to display my collection of framed prints in the Tea Room at the wonderful Canalside Heritage Centre at Beeston Lock on the River Trent, Nottingham.

They will be on display until the end of May 2021 and you can see them on your way into the garden after purchasing your refreshments.

I started having my work digitally captured some years ago and found that the process suited some but not all of my pieces. I didn’t go for the limited edition stuff as watercolour artists do but just had a small number (under 25 of each). I’m now running low and finding it hard to source a printer who can produce them to the highest standard I need.

It’s a great opportunity to have some work on display…its been such a long time.

The Teasles in the Grass is the last one left!

Published by Zoe Zegzula, Creative Textile Art

Textile Artist based in Nottingham, UK.

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